Premium HTML5 Digital Signage Templates
Beautiful and Dynamic HTML5 Digital Signage Templates from our creative community for Food and Beverage.
Our Premium Templates can easily customized by replace the text, images and color in a minute.
They are compatible with wide range of the Digital Signage systems on the world from the Cloud Systems to Self-hosted services.


We're focusing in design the outstanding HTML5 animation for the signage, displayed on commercial screens in your restaurant and cafeteria. The more attractive of signage you have, the more order you have.


MNS TV cloud platform allows you to access and manage your signage content remotely. No server needed, you can easily manage hundreds of screens over the internet, update any information on the signage with 1 click through the web browser everytime, everywhere.

Easy to Install

You can use the MNS TV on your smart TV screen by its browser or by an external signage player. Then, you can create the schedule and update the content for each screen via the friendly control panel.

Cross Platform

MNS TV can run on any web browser, Android Application or Windows OS. It will help you easier to choose the screen or digital signage players to meet your demand. Our team will give you the suitable advices based on the models of your restaurant or cafeteria.

Signage Screen

There are many kind of screens on the market from Consumer to Commercial Screens. You'd better to choose the Commercial one because of it latest technology, long lasting screen lifetime, brighter and thinner border. In case you want to decorate the screen or mount it on the wall, or put it in any kind of box, please let us know, we're guarantee to have the creative idea for you.

Easy to use

MNS supply the completed system from the CMS Signage System, Player Application to the Signage Template. You just replace the text, image on the template by your own information, public it on our Cloud server and start using your signage. You no need to look further except MNS tv. Non-Signage Provider on the world has the abundant template Library like us. You no need to drag-drop and design your signage on the browser anymore, everything you want are ready on website.

Onsite Demo

MNS is willing to demo any signage template at your office in Vietnam, or we can send the demo url if you're from other countries The cost of transportation and and accommodation will be absorbed by MNS if any. You only pay us when you want to install the screens and buy the Digital Signage templates from us. Please call us now +84.93.550.0368 or email us at for more information.

Affordable Cost

 Hardware needed: Screen and Signage Player.
 Software needed:  Annual fee for the Cloud Signage Platform
 Content:  You can design your own or you can choose any high quality template on

In case you have any special requirement, please don’t hesitate to contact us at +84.93.550.0368 or email us for more information.